Hero Of The Night: Gianluigi Donnariumma

Gianluigi Donnariumma Comes in Clutch

The Hero of the Night certainly could have been Novak Djokovic for winning his 20th Grand Slam title and tying Federer and Nadal all-time, but it felt appropriate to give it elsewhere because, for the first time ever in Euros, the Player of the Tournament goes to a goalkeeper which was very deserving. Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who will soon be announced as the newest member of PSG, has won Player of the Tournament for Italy and it goes without saying that it was an unbelievable performance from him in both the final and the entire tournament.

When the brightest lights are on, it can feel like you are left out on an island as a goalie during penalty kicks to come up big. England had the lead in penalty kicks after the first two, so now you’re saying as a goalie, I have to do everything in my power to keep us in this shootout to win EURO 2020. So what does that mean? You stop Marcus Rashford’s penalty, you stop Jadon Sancho’s penalty, and you stop Bukayo Saka’s penalty to win it all. That is absolutely astounding.

Even though if you get a little bit lucky where one goes off the post and he gets wrong, as long as the soccer ball does not go in the net, you get credited for the stop. Three tremendous stops right in a row on the world’s biggest stage outside of the World Cup. That was an unbelievable performance. He is absolutely our Hero of the Night.