Is Aaron Judge a Value Pick in MLB Fantasy Drafts?

It’s kind of interesting to see that Aaron Judge is slipping all the way to the fifth round in many fantasy baseball drafts. Sure there are concerns with Judge but to fall to the fifth is kind of crazy. You just can’t let a player of this magnitude slip that far. Even if it means drafting him and then trading him immediately after the draft before the season, then that could work as well. There’s just no reason to let an asset like that slip. The potential upside getting him in the fifth round is when you start to see him in spring training, that ADP starts to rise into the fourth round, maybe even the third round, if he has a great spring. You just see less risk-taking and people shying away from the big Yankee.

Go back to when Troy Tulowitzki was getting drafted in the 2000s and Giancarlo Stanton, where we were drafting him in the last ten years, there was always someone willing to take that chance, and it feels like what’s happening now in fantasy sports. There is a lot less risk-taking and a lot more conservative drafting, and that’s what it speaks to with Judge.

If my money is involved and you’re playing in the NFPC putting $500 out there, you have to have a lot of certainties knowing that once you make this move, whether it’s in the fourth round or the fifth round of the sixth round, then you’ve got to come back and protect yourself a little bit later. As long as you’re covered in a financial situation, it’s like making a bet. You want to know you can hedge down the line. So the question is, did you hedge in case Judge is hurt again?